The Newsletter – A Look Back & Forward

1999 Fall/Winter Newsletter

The Minnicock Lake Newsletter began when the first issue was distributed in July, 1982. Looking through past issues is a mini-history of evolving technology. There were the initial forays with dot-matrix printers and simple word-processing programs. (Fortunately, we missed the purple-fingered ditto stage.) Now, sophisticated word-processing programs, ink-jet or laser printers, scanners, and e-mail are all available.

The Newsletter was instituted to be a community building medium on Minnicock Lake. Its goal is to provide information:

  • information about our members regarding important life events,
  • information concerning the environment,
  • information from the executive,
  • information from government bodies, whether municipal, provincial, or federal,
  • information from FOCA,
  • information of a general nature on Minnicock’s past and present.

To all who have written articles - thank you. As we look forward to the first issue in the new millennium (even Minnicock can have a very mild case of milleniumitis), think about getting your article ready for the Spring/Summer issue.

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