WRAFT (Waterfront ratepayers after fair taxation)

2007 Summer Newsletter

Last year at our Annual General Meeting, our cottagers’ association decided to join WRAFT – who are a coalition of concerned waterfront association in Ontario. WRAFT’s mission is to achieve equity in waterfront property taxation. They work on behalf of various cottagers associations by attempting to halt any unfair shift of tax onto the waterfront, to find ways to mitigate rising property taxes and to fight for reform in the way property taxes are allocated.

What WRAFT does:

  • assembles a team of experienced property tax reform advocates who will recommend specific mitigation strategies to the province
  • persuades the Ontario government to restore fairness in property taxation
  • persuades the Ontario government to restore fairness in property taxation
  • monitors, studies and reports on property tax issues and distribution methods across Canada, North America and Europe
  • keeps your association informed as progress is achieved
  • educates the public on the need for property tax reform
  • builds a strong and unified voice for reform

As the Provincial elections are coming up this fall, WRAFT is encouraging all its members to join in a massive letter writing campaign. Send a copy of your letter to the Finance Minister at gsorbara.mpp@liberal.ola.org or Hon. Greg Sorbara, Minister of Finance, 7th Floor, Frost Bld. South, 7 Queens Park Cres., Toronto, ON M7A 1T7 and a copy to WRAFT at captr@sympatico.ca

WRAFT does not believe in form letters, and suggests including the following information in your letter:

1. How you have been hit with unmanageable tax increases.

2. That your income is not increasing at anywhere close to the rate of increase in your taxes. If you're retired mention that.

3. That you don't want to sell your property but may be forced to do so. Say that you are a second generation cottager and had hoped to leave the property to the kids but even if you can hang on, they won't be able to afford it.

4. That cottaging is going to only be available to the wealthy.

5. Say whatever fits your situation.

6. Finally say that both opposition parties have put forward proposals which would fix the volatility and the election is only a few months away. The Liberal government still has time to fix their band-aid scheme by adding a cap.

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