Let’s Sustain Our Grand Illusion

by Jim Hubbard

One of the interesting aspects of life on Lake Minnicock is that it is a state of mind and mostly illusion. We fancy that we rough it in remote wilderness with the birds and animals and have little contact with the outside world. In truth, we are well connected by phone and road, and the world is at our doorstep.

However, it is a useful illusion because it contrasts with the stress, noise and confusion of the other part of our lives. And we do have a wide variety of wildlife to observe, admire and perhaps, to outwit. The world takes on a different perspective when one is told by a loon, in no uncertain terms, to “get out of my territory.”

The usual reaction of our guests is that it is “so quiet,” Most have had little or no experience of this sort of environment and are surprised that such an oasis exists. It should be remembered, however, that if the lake becomes host to fast, powerful machines of any sort, the “people-powered” boats will be in danger, the wildlife will be threatened, the quiet will be shattered and the illusion will be gone—probably forever.