1999 Fall/Winter Newsletter


The Newsletter – A Look Back & Forward

The Minnicock Lake Newsletter began when the first issue was distributed in July, 1982. Looking through past issues is a mini-history of evolving technology. There were the initial forays with dot-matrix printers and simple word-processing programs. (Fortunately, we missed the purple-fingered ditto stage.) Now, sophisticated word-processing programs, ink-jet or laser printers, scanners, and e-mail are […]

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President’s Message by Gary McIlravey

I trust that you, your family and friends all enjoyed another summer of fun, frolic and relaxation at Minnicock, this year. I know we did. The weather was great and the water quality as good as I have seen it over my dozen years on the Lake. For those of you who attended the 1999 […]

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Wonder Facts

A thousand tons of meteor dust falls on the earth every day. When viewed from above, rainbows are doughnut shaped. The petunia and the potato are related to each other. A woodchuck breathes ten times per hour while hibernating, while an active woodchuck breathes 2,100 times an hour. Orchids have the smallest seeds. It takes […]

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Translating Government Documents or The New Bafflegab

The 1999 Fisheries and Oceans Canada booklet, Safe Boating Guide, sets out the new laws re boating. As of April 1,1999 the safe boating regulations apply to all recreational pleasure craft of any size with a motor of any size. Safe boating regulations also apply to canoes, kayaks, sailboats, paddleboats etc. The regulations divide into […]

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Doctors Help Line

A recent FOCA initiative is the Doctors Help Line. You can have immediate access to a qualified family physician with at least seven years of experience at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. This service provides medical advice, information, a second opinion, and help in emergencies. To access the 1-877-377-5656 […]

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Pat Montgomery 1905-1994

Editor’s note: Readers will appreciate this profile of Pat Montgomery, one of Minnicock’s founders. The portrait is written by his son, George Montgomery. Many of those who will see this article remember Pat only after his retirement from teaching. So, here’s a little of his history before the Minnicock years. He was born on St. […]

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FOCA Presents Road Issues

FOCA puts out a regular publication called Report to the FOCA Membership. One of the mandates of the Minnicock Newsletter is to present material from these reports. Road concerns generate a lot of requests to FOCA for clarification. The Summer 1999 issue highlights roads and liability. If one person maintains a road then he/she is […]

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Around the Lake

Chapman: Vivian and Alex are proud to welcome a new grandchild, Sean Alex, son of Keith and Jayne Chapman into their family. Sean Alex was born on November 7, 1998. Davis: The sympathy of the Minnicock community is extended to Mary and Bob Davis on the death of Mary’s father, Alan Meiklejohn, on January 9, […]

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